Effectively only one/third of The Fine Machines played his respective instruments at Trash Bar.  The bassist was alone on stage with singer/rhythm guitarist, Dan Piccoli, but played the banjo instead of his usual upright.  Absent was guitarist Jim Joustra and, judging from TFM's YouTube videos, we missed something special -- his are excellent song-appropriate solos.  However, every bit his equal is professional-caliber vocalist Piccoli.  Likable with a good look and the passionate delivery of Chris Martin (Coldplay), his voice possesses a strength and personality on par with any singer-songwriter atop today's folk rock scene.  Piccoli's voice is pure and compelling sincere.  With an abundance of talent on vocals and guitar, and traces of contemporary Americana, TFM will serve as the soundtrack to movies and our lives for years to come.  The Fine Machines are the American successor to Mumford & Sons.

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